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Article: How to Use Calcium Bentonite Clay for Healing- by R. Reichert

For centuries, women have used mud and clay as part of their beauty regimen. In recent years, it's been found that some clays are beneficial to a person's health; not just by applying it directly to the skin, but by ingesting it as well. Also, some research shows being beneficial in the treatment of autism. Here are the details of how to use calcium bentonite clay to heal your body.

    How the Clay Helps

  1. Almost all aspects of the natural world have a magnetic charge to them. Even water has what's known as a "highly polar" molecule, which is why it's so good as a cleansing agent.
    The same is true of calcium bentonite clay. Many of the natural toxins we encounter in our lives, such as heavy metals and bacteria, are positively charged. As the natural lifestyle website naturalnews.com makes clear, the calcium bentonite clay has a very high negative charge to it. As a result, if you
    eat it--yes, eat it--it'll draw all of these toxic materials out of your system. Since the human body can't digest the clay, it's not harmful to you at all.

    According to the book "Living Clay: Nature's Own Miracle Cure", you should eat 2 ounces of the clay each day for two weeks to help purge your body. Then, after that initial treatment, just 1 ounce is enough to maintain your system.

    Then there's the external means for how to use calcium bentonite clay for healing. If you take a clay bath two times a week, the clay will draw many of your body's toxic substances right out your pores. Run a nice bath and then add 2 cups of the clay in a powder form. The clay should be well dissolved with no lumps. Use your hand to swirl it around in the water. After that, sit and soak in the water for about 15 to 20 minutes, and be sure to get as much of your body submerged as possible.

    Treating Autism

  2. The disease impacts children and their mental and emotional development, but no definite cause has yet been found. However, as mentioned on the site blog.regardingme.com, Dr. Miriam Jang, author of "Breakthroughs in Autism," believes that heavy metals, such as lead, aluminium, mercury, and cadmium are contributing factors. By making use of calcium bentonite clay in a bath, she found that she was able to lower the levels of these metals in autistic patients. She found improvements in their physical health resulted after three months, but it remains to be seen as to whether it'll also lead to improvements in the children's mental faculties. Still, it is a treatment worth investigating.




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